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Water Heaters

It has been said before that your water heater really does have a mind of its own, and that it loves conspiring to break when you most need it. Don’t let the pesky machine cause you one more ounce of inconvenience than it has to! The experts at Hoffman Plumbing are on call to repair and maintain water heaters, as well as install quality new ones when the occasion calls for it. We are thoroughly familiar with water heaters, tankless water heaters, and of course the traditional variety as well.

Water Softeners

The invaluable service your water softener provides is one your plumbing absolutely can’t do without. Trust a plumber when he tells you that you don’t want to see the ravages caused by the gradual, devastating accumulation of calcium and magnesium ions. If your water softener is showing signs of failing, or would best be replaced altogether, let us save your pipes — and your skin!

New Construction

New construction is the ultimate test of a plumber’s skill and enthusiasm. Whether your new home or business just needs a couple of toilets fit in, or the entirety of its plumbing laid out, we’ll come and take care of everything so you can start enjoying your new building soon.


We believe our work would look right in place on television’s latest home remodeling shows. We understand that you want your remodeling project done quickly and on budget — nothing means more to us than helping you meet your goals.

Light Commercial

While we wouldn’t have wanted to do the plumbing on, say, the new U.S. Bank Stadium, we’re certainly more than capable of taking care of the plumbing in your small commercial endeavor. Trust in our quick work and see that you won’t lose any productivity while we take care of things.


If you need help with your agriculture needs or just want to ensure your livestock’s water troughs are always full, we are the best plumbing solution for busy farmers in the area.


No job is too small for the pros at Hoffman Plumbing! Whether you would like faucets, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, showers, garbage disposals, pumps, filters, or more, we’re happy to install them for you so you may enjoy them for decades to come.

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

We know all about the clever machines that turn foul-smelling drinking water into something crystal and pure. If you’ve found your drinking water unappealing in any way, Hoffman Plumbing has the fix for you.

Focused on Quality & Community

Hoffman Plumbing is the greater Sauk Centre area’s complete solution for the entirety of its plumbing needs. We’re adept in every technique that our trade has to offer, and we have the tools and parts it takes to implement our expertise in a way that will bring value to your property for years to come. Here’s what we can do for you!


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