In-Floor Radiant Heat Installation & Service

Beat the Cold with In-Floor Heat from Hoffman Plumbing

There are few feelings quite so satisfying as waking on a cold Minnesota morning, dreading the shock that awaits your bare foot as it first touches the cold floor, only to have relief wash over you as you remember the in-floor radiant heating you wisely had recently installed.

Benefits of In-Floor Heat

Our in-floor radiant heating system utilizes a boiler attached to a series of tubing to circulate heated water underneath your floor. This quickly and effectively warms your floor as well as the rest of the room very nicely. It’s an efficient system because heat rises, and your floors will retain lots of that warmth, better than if the heat was merely blown at them. Additional benefits include a quiet system that does not create airborne particles, as a traditional ventilation heating system otherwise would. The consistency of the heat our in-floor system provides is another of its great merits, as every room it’s installed in will warm thoroughly and evenly. No more cold corners!

Convenience of In-Floor Heat

At Hoffman Plumbing, we specialize in everything needed to install, repair, and maintain this revolutionary heating arrangement. Whether you would like your bedroom, bathroom, or entire house converted to this efficient and convenient system, as well as your garage or outdoor floors (imagine never having to shovel snow again!), we’re standing by to provide peerless service to you. We provide and service the boiler you need for your in-floor radiant system, whether it is fueled by wood, gas, or electricity, and provide all the tubing, gas piping, and expansion tanks you need as well.


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