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Say Goodbye to Clogs & Slow Drains

If your bathtub, shower, or sink is not draining fast enough — or, even worse, failing to drain at all — then we’re proud to be your go-to experts on call to handle the situation. Any accumulation of too much food waste, detergent, hair, dirt and debris, sewage, or grease may be the culprit, but with our powerful and many times proven drain cleaning equipment all of those problems can become worries of the past, fast. Hoffman Plumbing will see to the cleaning of any drain in need of it. Our services run the full scope of solutions to the problem, and include:

Main Line Cleaning

Plumbers consider a clogged main line to be one of the greatest emergencies in their field. When the main line to your septic tank or municipal sewage system becomes clogged, you risk a backflow pushing that unspeakable stuff back into your property, causing immense and expensive damage — not to mention the great grandmother of all inconveniences. If you’ve experienced multiple fixtures backed up in your home at once, your tub backing up when you flush the toilet, or any other plumbing anomaly, don’t let it go — call Hoffman Plumbing pronto!

Fixture Drain Cleaning

Although the threat that a clogged fixture drains poses to your home isn’t as severe as a clogged main line, you still deserve to take a shower without standing in a puddle of water, and to wash dishes in your sink. We’ve got the fast and affordable solution for these situations too.

Hydro Jetting

With hydro jetting, we use a special set of equipment to blast the interior of your clogged or slow sewage lines with blasts of highly pressurized water. It’s a remarkably effective and noninvasive process that will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Sewage Pumps

Your sewage pump ensures that your toilet effectively sends sewage to where it needs to go. If your sewage pump is showing any sign of failure, don’t wait for it to show you what total failure looks like. We are old hands with this specialized piece of equipment, and can bring one back to life or replace it altogether depending on what the circumstances best dictate.

Call Hoffman Plumbing at the First Sign of Trouble

When you’ve sensed a problem in your drains, don’t put it out of your mind, as it’s only going to become worse as more rubbish accumulates in your pipes over the due course of time. Addressing the problem as soon as it has reared its ugly head will help spare you needless hassles, even ones as great as total sewage system failure, and will let you go back to enjoying your plumbing as it was intended to function.


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